The Very Best Block Paving In Prestwich


The Very best Block Paving In Prestwich can be found at Forever Driveways, specialists in all types of driveway laying for the domestic market. Block paving is extremely popular, with a wide range of styles, colours and sizes to choose from. Relatively inexpensive, this type of paving is an attractive proposition for those wanting something aesthetically pleasing but at an affordable price to match.

For a Prestwich enquiry abut block paving, the dedicated team at Forever Driveways will be to answer any of your questions, while talking you through the potential work to be carried out on your driveway. Issues like drainage, will be dealt with by Forever’s own surveyor who will look at the various methods on offer, while options like widening your driveway or adding edging, can be easily carried out.

Your block paving in Prestwich project is carried out within a period of 4 to 6 weeks-from initial order to installation-with only the British weather delaying a job further. Each job is carried out professionally and efficiently by the experienced team at Forever Driveways, with the emphasis on causing minimal disruption to the customers’ daily routine.

All driveways come with a 5 year guarantee with manufacture gurantees- Marshall and Tobemore varying from 10 to 25 years.


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