Patterned Imprinted Driveways in Altrincham

Patterned Imprinted Driveways in AltrinchamGiving your driveway a new look and you want to install one of the new patterned imprinted driveways in Altrincham? This is one of the hottest trends in exterior design and is relatively quick to create. You can easily cover an extensive area in a short time span. The process is quite simple and involves first excavating the ground. A fresh load of concrete is poured, spread evenly in the desired thickness and a thin block is created across the designated area. Patterns are imprinted while the material is still wet. Colouring is added for variation. Different textures are possible. The driveway may be set enough to walk on within 24 hours, but will take at least another week to be able to take the weight of vehicles. Meanwhile, you may have to arrange for other modes of access to your home or office. Modern innovations have been developed to enable several very attractive textures and colours to be created. These include stenciling a pattern on to the wet concrete, either by wet-cast or spray-on methods. Ashlar stone, brick paving, crazy paving, cobblestone, soldier and  brick are some popular designs.

In Altrincham, patterned imprinted driveways are completed once the final colour-hardener has been cured and a final acrylic sealant applied to protect the textured surface. This also allows the colours to set properly. The actual surface may take weeks to cure completely, but meanwhile it can be used if the sealant coat is applied. It’s essential to wait for a spell of dry weather before you begin work, otherwise you could end up with a disaster. Well-established firms like Forever Driveways have experienced, well-trained and expert professionals who can also do initial surveys, provide a working estimate of time and costs, and complete the job efficiently.  You may have to get civic permission before major installations because such monolithic paving reduces surface water drainage.

Patterned imprinted driveways in Altrincham are very popular because they’re low maintenance and you can get an incredible variety of designs. Sealants prevent moss/algae growth and a quick sweep is all you need to keep it looking neat.  Contact Forever Driveways for information on pattern imprinted driveways for your property.

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