Block Paving in Bolton

Block Paving in BoltonAre you looking for a firm that can put down block paving in Bolton? This form of outdoor design was all the rage in the 1980s and is undergoing a retro-revival today! Driveways, roads and pathways are made stronger, neater and weather-proof by block paving laid in a variety of attractive patterns. The most popular pattern is still the herringbone design which is also the strongest, as the interlocking pattern keeps the individual blocks in place regardless of strain, pressure or climatic conditions. However, with more advanced technology, colour options and manufacturing methods, block paving is not just about laying a bunch of concrete bricks down. There are thousands of options available and your preferences, budget, space and choice of materials are the only parameters to worry about! You can choose either clay blocks or concrete blocks, and both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

In Bolton, block paving firms offer technical and design advice based on the area, budget preferences and requirement. Unless you’re an experienced and skillful mason, bricklayer or DIY enthusiast, laying block paving is a job that’s best left to a team of professionals like Forever Driveways. The design should match the overall theme and appearance of the building. Choose the right type of block/stone based on the type of soil, traffic and weather, apart from colour and budget. Measure the area and select the design. The laying process starts with preparing the area. Remove old tarmac, driveways, lawn or vegetation to a depth of at least eight inches. If the ground is soft, you may have to dig deeper. The finished driveway should be at least six inches below the damp-proof course of your house or garage.

Block paving in Bolton by Forever Driveways is attractive, strong and durable. The paving is laid in the desired pattern, preferably on a dry day. Grit sand should be used as a sub-base to enable drainage. After the pattern is laid, kiln-sand is spread and swept into the joints with a soft brush. Once the paving is complete, it needs to be compacted down firmly and rested well before use. Regular maintenance keeps the bock paving durable and looking good. If you require block paving, contact Forever Driveways.

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