Block Paving Specialist in Bury

Block Paving Specialist in BuryA block paving specialist in Bury from Forever Driveways may be able to resurrect and restore your old driveway. Over time, the ground shifts and block pavers shift with it. However, we can dig out the sunken spots and build up the ground soil. Block pavers should have a membrane down to stabilise the ground over which pavers will be installed. Skipping that step may be the reason for the deterioration. If some of the pavers need to be replaced, we can match new ones to your existing blocks. Sometimes the border of the drive needs to be reset. It is integral to the stability of the block pavers. Once the block pavers are repaired or replaced, we clean it and re-sand the joints. The finished result will be beautiful.

In Bury, block paving specialist at Forever Driveways has a design surveyor to help you choose patterns and colours for driveways, walkways, stairs and patios. We have a multitude of combinations. We recommend you take the time to view our portfolio of work to get ideas that you might like to use for your own home. Any design can be customised to your preference. Block paving creates timeless beauty for your landscape. There are designs suitable for every style of architecture. When used throughout your landscaping scheme, a paving block design adds continuity. A pattern that varies from driveway to walkway to patio adds interest to the landscape.

The block paving specialist in Bury is Forever Driveways. For your home driveway and landscaping to look its best the work must be done according to professional standards. We are fully insured against liability as are our installers. Our work is guaranteed and since we use only the finest products, the block pavers have a manufactures guarantee as well. Forever Driveways has been in business over 20 years. We have extensive experience and expertise in what is essentially an art form. Examples of our work can be seen throughout the greater Manchester area. We proudly offer references and encourage you to check us out. If you are looking for a block paving specialist, contact Forever Driveways.

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