Block Paving in Bury

Block paving in Bury

Block paving in Bury for driveways, walkways and patios has been popular for the last 35-40 years in the UK. You can take a cheap house and add block paving and maybe a tree and your cheap house will transform into a classy bit of real estate. At the beginning, there weren’t the choices we have today. There were clay and concrete blocks with a few colours. Today you can choose from over a thousand different blocks. How can you possibly choose a block, pattern, design or colour for your paving project? Forever Driveways has an inspiring and diverse gallery of work from which to choose. Their work can be seen on private and commercial properties across the greater Manchester area so you can get a first-hand look before you decide.

Forever Driveways has a team that specialises in imprinted concrete and another in flagging. In addition, in Bury, block paving specialists will create a look for you. Any colour and design you choose, along with accents and borders will have to be customised specifically to your property. That is good because you want a finished product that is unique to your home. You can add special features like a center star or even your initial into the patio area. You do not have to limit your block paving to driveways, walkways and patios. With careful design choices, you can extend your design to steps and flower borders.

Almost any fly-by-night contractor can make block paving in Bury look good for a little while. However, you want your block paving to look good for years and years. That is why you want Forever Driveways to install your block paving. Contact Forever Driveways to speak to them about block paving. At the same time, schedule a meeting at your home with their block paving specialists. They will explain to you exactly how they will be preparing the foundation for your pavers. If that isn’t done right,  nothing they do after that will last. Once the pavers are in place they are set to last. A yearly cleaning and sealing will maintain the colour and sheen. They will even show you how to keep the weeds away.

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