Block Paving Specialist in Altrincham

Block Paving Specialist in AltrinchamForever Driveways is your block paving specialist in Altrincham. We have decades of experience installing driveway surfaces and block paving is a customer favourite. It’s decorative with many colours and combination of colours from which to choose. Block paving is often used as border for concrete or blacktop driveways but more often the whole driveway is constructed from stones. Creative block paving with these versatile aged and tumbled stones is almost limitless. Circular and fantail designs are possible with specially shaped bricks in choices of sizes and colours. We think block paving adds texture and dimension to the curb appeal of homes whether it’s used in driveways, walkways or patios.

When you have chosen a block pattern and colour combination, we can design the hardscaped areas of your property to blend and flow together. For an upscale look to commercial and municipal properties in Altrincham, block paving specialists from our company can offer many options. We have a team at Forever Driveways that specialises in maintenance and repair of all hardscapes and that includes block paving.  Older block pavers look almost new again after our clean and seal process. Sometimes you’ll see where block pavers are sunken or have spread, disrupting the design. The cause is usually under the stones in the original base. We can take up the affected stones, repair the base and replace the stones or add new ones.

Drive around Manchester and you will likely see the work of our block paving specialist in Altrincham from Forever Driveways. Stop in at our showroom and get an up close look at the kind and quality of our work. You must see the work first hand to appreciate the workmanship because pictures don’t tell the whole story. Contact Forever Driveways for all your hardscape work and if your choice is block paving we want to show you the many design possibilities. Our work is guaranteed and when you factor in our competitive pricing and multiple skill set, you will know you are getting real value for money. The ease of maintenance and repair is a big bonus because you likely will never have to invest in a new driveway or hardscape area.

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