Driveway Refurbishment in Bury

Driveway Refurbishment in BuryDriveway refurbishment in Bury is one of our services at Forever Driveways. We install beautiful, durable block paved, asphalt and imprinted concrete driveways. Occasional refurbishment will keep them looking fresh and new. Continual exposure to the elements and multiple use of your driveway will take a toll. There is more than just your car going back and forth on it. There may also be ball games, bicycle races, roller skates, yard sales and heavy delivery trucks. Chalk drawings, oil leaks and car wash solutions mar the surface. Weed killers, weed whackers and fertilizer eat away at the edges of the drive. It’s not surprising that a little TLC is required from time to time considering the beating your driveway takes all year.

It doesn’t matter if we didn’t install your driveway or if you don’t even know who originally installed it. In Bury, driveway refurbishment is a service we make available to all. We welcome all new customers. You may think your old paving stone driveway is beyond repair but let us show you the possibilities. Edging stones may be missing, some sections may be sunken and others erupted by hardy weeds. We can apply weed killer, replace pavers, build up the bed to stop erosion, clean the pavers, so the colour shows again, re sand then seal the whole drive. Block paver driveways are likely to be the most labour intensive but a yearly refurbishment will keep maintenance to a minimum.

Driveway refurbishment in Bury for concrete imprinted drives will look like new when we finish with our rotary cleaner and the repair of small chips. The last step is the final protective seal coat. Asphalt loses the washed out look with a good cleaning and sealer top coating applied. If you have neglected your driveway and walkways or patios for a long time, you may not notice how it makes the whole property look less than sparkling. Contact Forever Driveways and let us show you the dramatic change in curbside appeal after a driveway refurbishment. We think you will be impressed with the difference.

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