Block Paving Specialist in Ashton Under Lyne

Block Paving Specialist in Ashton Under LyneYour block paving specialist in Ashton under Lyne is Forever Driveways. Examples of our work are all around the area and we are proud to point you in that direction. Our skill and experience at Forever Driveways extends to asphalt, concrete, brick and stamped concrete. For some, only block paving will do. It’s a matter of personal preference but block paving opens added possibilities. For instance, block pavers have subtle hues of colour so you can do more with them when designing your driveway. Instead of one colour you may want a mix. Get creative with designs and borders or let us show you some designs of which we are particularly proud.

Block pavers are not just for driveways although they are effectively used as such to create a high-end look to even modest homes. In Ashton under Lyne, block paving specialist Forever Driveways effectively use block pavers to pull your home landscaping together. We might start with your driveway in one pattern and blend in a walkway to the front door with low fanned out steps in the same colour hue but a little different design. We use block paving to edge flower gardens and raise a bedding planter. Continue to the back of your home for a one of a kind patio design from block pavers. You can get too much of a good thing but natural block pavers look beautiful mixed with green and flowering plants framing your home.

You may wonder why you need a block paving specialist in Ashton under Lyne for your driveway and landscaping work. Block pavers are durable. Their addition to your home landscaping will likely last decades but only if the ground and drain tiles are well prepared before the careful laying of the pavers. A yearly check-up for missing blocks, cleaning and sealing will further extend the life of your block paver landscaping. Contact Forever Driveways if you need the services of a block paving specialist. Our team of installers are specialists and we work to a high standard from design to installation. Add a little upscale pizzaz to your home for a lower cost than you might have imagined.

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