Block Paving in Royton

Block Paving in RoytonWhen it comes to block paving in Royton, it is best to use the services of an established company. At Forever Driveways, we have been supplying and installing beautiful block paving for over 21 years, transforming our customers’ driveways and yards into neat and stunning spaces. Different designs and colours are used to create the most impressive of layouts. Block paving is one of the most popular methods used on both driveways and patios – they are hard set, and ready to use. As they are porous, water can drain easily when it rains.

Safe work practices should be applied when placing block paving. In Royton, our block paving services are carried out by trained and expert employees. To make sure that the pavement is properly installed, there is a minimum amount of excavation that is required. In other words, the soil has to be dug to a certain depth to prevent issues such as awkward interlock or rising damp. There should be edge restraints as well to hold in all the blocks. And in case there are inclines or gradients, it becomes crucial to have edge restraints. Block paving requires a number of procedures and experts as well. While it does seem quite easy to place, not adhering to a specific pre-requisite can lead to lots of issues later down the road. As such, if you are looking to have block pavements around your property, do get in touch with us. Our past block paving projects are our best adverts. We would love to show you the different block paving projects we have completed for happy customers in the past.

Besides installation of block paving in Royton, we also do renovation and a “clean and seal” services for different paving types. If you are experiencing issues such as sinking pavement, or uneven laying, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to provide services tailored to your exact needs, and at prices that are competitive. Our services are second to none, and we pleased to say we have completed many projects throughout most areas of Greater Manchester.

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