Concrete Driveways in Westhoughton

Concrete Driveways in WesthoughtonThe concrete driveways in Westhoughton that we install have many different styles and designs. We are very careful to first survey the site for the new driveway as there can be hidden problems. Old drains or very soft soil can cause a concrete driveway to crack over time. Block paving tends to develop sunken areas under these conditions. If we find any dubious areas we will rectify them before the driveway is built. After preparing the foundation for the driveway, we pour the concrete and use a pattern to imprint the design into the damp concrete. This provides an interesting finish to the driveway and allows for grip in icy conditions.

If you are looking to improve the entrance to your property in Westhoughton, concrete driveways can give your house a radical new look. If you have a driveway that has become dirty or has sunk in places we can refurbish it at a fraction of the cost of a new drive. We carry out many such projects and also clean and refurbish patios and paths. This is done by a very high pressured rotary cleaning machine and once the driveway is clean, we return to seal the concrete and touch up any chips in the surface. On a block paving driveway we refill the sand between the joints and if necessary we will seal the blocks. If the driveway has sunk, we can remove the blocks and restore the integrity of the substrate before replacing the blocks.

We build some of the best concrete driveways in Westhoughton. Contact Forever Driveways today and tell us what sort of driveway you envisage. We work in block paving as well as flagging and pattern imprinted concrete.  With our over 21 years of experience, we have the knowledge and the skill to create a beautiful strong driveway for your property. If you have a driveway which is in very poor condition we can overlay it with tarmac asphalt. This is available in black or red and can be very attractive when edged with blocks or tegula. A well maintained and smart looking concrete driveway can increase the value of your property.

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