Block Paving in Timperley

Block Paving in TimperleyBlock paving in Timperley is one of the best ways to beautify your property. Block paving your driveway will instantly make your home more appealing. Clay and concrete are the best materials to use for block paving. You can easily in lay any detail, pattern or shape to suit your tastes. At Forever Driveways, we recommend block paving for many reasons. Firstly, this is a versatile material. You may opt for any colour, style, shape or design in block paving. You’re only limited by your creativity. Secondly, this is an environmentally sustainable method. The blocks are porous, meaning they will absorb water and prevent water pooling on your driveway and patio. This offers better drainage. Thirdly, with block pavement you don’t have to perform much maintenance. A simple soap and water solution is all you need to keep it clean. In addition, this material can withstand all weather conditions. Lastly, block paving has a long shelf life. Imagine, this method can withstand the weight of an airplane! That’s why they’re often used at airports. In addition, block paving resists oils, frosts, salts and chemicals very well.

If you reside in Timperley, block paving services can be sought at Forever Driveways. We offer a plethora of design and pattern possibilities for driveways and patios. We invite customers to view our gallery for ideas and inspiration. Our company specialises in flagging, block paving and pattern-imprinted concrete. Our prices are competitive and services are efficient. We’re proud to state that we’ve block paved many driveways in Manchester! Apart from installing block paving, we also provide paving restoration services where we clean and seal all types of paving. This will further prolong the life of your new driveway for a small fraction of the cost of a complete replacement!

Block paving in Timperley is the best way to give your home an instant facelift. Why not contact Forever Driveways today to get started? We also provide landscaping services that includes brickwork and fencing. We’re proud to state that we’re PICS and Tobermore approved contractors.

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