Block Paving in Sale

Block Paving in SaleIf you are considering block paving in Sale as your driveway replacement, then take advantage of our twenty plus years’ experience at Forever Driveways. Of course, we can use block paving anywhere on your site for walkways and patios as well as driveways. Maybe you already have a block paving driveway but either the groundwork and drainage was not done properly or so much time has passed and it’s looking a little ragged. We can probably repair instead of replace your old driveway so it’s good as new. If you choose natural stone, asphalt or pattern imprinted concrete for your driveway, we specialise in all those as well as block paving. We have some beautiful examples of our work throughout the area so you’ll know what you’re getting before we begin the work.

We can turn your driveway or patio into a work of art. In Sale, block paving design offers many options to which you will want to give a lot of thought.  View our portfolio of work so you get exactly what you want. We can show you the different stone colours and work out a colour combination that is pleasing. We create beautiful intricate designs and borders that will set your driveway or patio apart from that of anyone else. We guarantee our work and materials and for that reason you can expect conscientious and skilled preparation. That is fundamental to a driveway that will last, be low maintenance and add value to your property. We build up the bed where needed and get the drainage just right to prevent the erosion that destroys your driveway from underneath.

We install block paving in Sale from suppliers like Marshalls who guarantee their product for ten years and Tobermore products that are guaranteed for 25 years. We strive to work efficiently, weather permitting. When you choose block paving, we try to get the messy work of digging out, hauling away and prepping completed in one day. Once the block paving is installed you can drive on your driveway immediately. Contact Forever Driveways and let us show you our portfolio of work and examples in our showroom. Maintenance is minimal; a little weed killer sprayed early in the season and a cleaning once a year. Subscribe to our yearly maintenance service and you’ll need to do nothing at all except enjoy.

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