Block Paving in Shaw

Block Paving in ShawBlock paving in Shaw is an easy way to transform your driveway or patio in an instant. This method has become quite popular on both the domestic and commercial sectors across the country and for good reason. The colours and patterns chosen can easily blend with the exterior of the house or the surrounding environment. When it comes to patterns, the herringbone pattern is the most commonly used one. This is because this particular pattern is strongest as it offers more interlock, giving the blocks a good grip to each other and the ground. The blocks are placed either at a 45-degree or 90-degree angle in order to achieve the sturdy nature and the overall look. You can choose to utilize other patterns such as stretcher bond or basket weave pattern, although the last one is most suitable to areas that experience light foot traffic.

Forever Driveways offers a service that sets us apart from the rest. In Shaw, block paving is only one of the services that we provide. We ensure to be efficient in our tasks in order to achieve the best results and to have you, our customers, truly satisfied with our work. We specialise in block paving, flagging and pattern imprinted concrete as well as a complete paving restoration for all paving types. If you have a few blocks that have been damaged or out of place, we can have them repaired or re-sealed in order to have your driveway or patio looking good as new.

We can repair any block paving in Shaw that may have sunk or spread at a fraction of the cost of having a full replacement. This is dependent on the severity of the situation but we will still offer the most cost-effective solution available. If you would like block paving, contact Forever Driveways at your earliest convenience. We have a wealth of expertise that spans over 20 years with a bulk of knowledge that helps us provide the best solution possible. We also offer landscaping services such as fencing and brickwork. We are Tobermore and PICS approved contractors supplying a wide variety of products as well.

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