Pattern Imprinted Driveways in Heywood

Pattern Imprinted Driveways in HeywoodFor a competitive and efficient service in pattern imprinted driveways in Heywood, contact Forever Driveways. Two of the most popular designs are our large cobble in classic grey for driveways and our wood plank pattern in mahogany for patios. Pattern imprinted concrete has become very popular in recent years mainly due to the low level of maintenance and incredible versatility it offers. It provides an interesting finish to the driveway and allows for grip in icy conditions. We also offer driveways in block paving and tarmac. The tarmac comes in red or black and can be extremely attractive as an overlay or as a full drive with various edging options. The borders can be made with blocks or tegula. You can design your own pattern and make your driveway unique.

Your driveway will either improve the value of your home or if in poor shape, decrease it. In Heywood, pattern imprinted driveways are built to be strong with sturdy foundations. We check the area and make sure there are no old drains or soft areas where the concrete could crack. After we are satisfied with the foundations we lay the concrete and press a pattern into the damp concrete. The concrete must be left to stand a few days to harden and cure and then your driveway is ready to use. The concrete drive is longer lasting than paving stone yet still resembles it in look and texture. It can be coloured and is less expensive than the materials it resembles.

We offer some of the most durable and beautiful pattern imprinted driveways in Heywood. We can widen an existing driveway and match the pattern and also repair many older driveways. Contact Forever Driveways today and make an appointment for our expert team to visit your home or business. Many older driveways sink in places and instead of replacing the drive we can repair it where possible. We also offer a clean and seal service to remove the layer of dirt from a driveway and bring back the original colour.

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