Block Paving Specialist in Middleton Adds the Wow Factor to your Property

Block Paving Specialist in Middleton If you are looking for a block paving specialist in Middleton, you can’t go wrong with Forever Driveways. What that means for our customers is their driveway, patio or walkway will be installed with knowledge and skill. There are a lot of ways to install block paving incorrectly. We often get called out to make repairs to existing block paved driveways. That’s when we see the mistakes, shortcuts and just simply lack of knowledge. The driveway may be sinking in some places because the wrong sand was used or the gravel bed is inadequate. In an effort to prevent the pavers from floating, a water barrier was put down before the stones. Or a landscaping cloth was laid to stop weeds from springing up. Well, the result is the ground can’t absorb the water so the pavers dislodge, stay damp and slippery.

There is a process to laying block pavers but there are no shortcuts. For our clients in Middleton, block paving specialist teams from Forever Driveways do the job right. When we are finished, we seal it. Over time, if the colour of the block pavers dull, it can be resealed so it looks new again. Pavers give your home an upscale look when correctly installed. They allow for custom patterns using different colour stones so your driveway and patio is unique. It’s very easy to care for. A power washer will make short work of cleaning the stones but you have to be careful. Don’t use full pressure and angle the wand so you’re not lifting the stones. There is no waiting when block pavers are used. Once the job is done, it’s ready to use.

As the block paving specialist in Middleton, our teams work together efficiently so the job is completed in a timely manner. We can show you samples of block pavers or our portfolio of work. However, we prefer that you see our actual work by viewing our completed projects. Throughout the greater Manchester area we direct you to many of our past projects. Contact Forever Driveways if you are in the market for driveways or patios. In addition to block pavers we also install flagstones, pattern imprinted concrete and tarmac driveways. Call us to clean and seal all types of driveways and patios. Our prices are competitive but our workmanship is professional and it shows.

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