Pattern Imprinted Concrete in Milnrow – a Popular Option for Many Homeowners

Pattern Imprinted Concrete in Milnrow Pattern imprinted concrete in Milnrow continues to be a popular option, especially for domestic use. We’ve been installing driveways throughout the area for over 20 years and many of them are pattern imprinted concrete. If you are thinking about this kind of driveway for your home, but you have questions, we can answer them. We can then provide you with information so you can see some of the actual driveways we’ve installed. There is a right way to do imprinted concrete driveways if they are to last and stay looking new. Do it wrong and you end up with uneven patterns, inconsistent colour, colour that fades and concrete that cracks. Clearly, that does nothing for your homes’ kerb appeal.

For durability and lasting good looks, the concrete mix has to be right; not close but right. If you’re going to be driving cars on it in Milnrow, pattern imprinted concrete must be minimum 4 inches deep and preferably 5 inches. Still, the base of the driveway must be prepared including proper drainage. however, we do concrete driveways right and they are good looking and long lasting. The pattern and colour can be just about anything you want. If you love the look of pavers you can have it in stamped concrete for half the cost of hand laid pavers. We can do either stamped or hand laid for you and we guarantee our work.

Pattern imprinted concrete in Milnrow is not just for driveways of course. We create beautifully patterned walkways and patios. They add texture and charm to your garden. The overall look is a well thought out and well maintained landscape. Our company also offers a repair and refurbishment service that keeps driveways and patios looking like new and extends the useful life beyond normal expectations. Contact Forever Driveways if you are considering a replacement driveway, walkway or patio. We start from the ground up and do the job right. Have a look at our sample work and view our portfolio of work. You might be surprised at the colours and patterns available. Price quotes are free.

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