Concrete Driveways in Prestwich

Concrete Driveways in PrestwichConcrete driveways in Prestwich are always clean looking and easy to maintain with a long lifespan of service. Perhaps you really like the look of a cobblestone or brick drive but not the upkeep. Brick or stone is beautiful but weeds push through the caulk between the stones and bricks. Sometimes the individual stones sink or a brick breaks and that area becomes a muddy spot full of weeds. Installing a brick or stone driveway can also be labour intensive and therefore costlier. At Forever Driveways, we know just the driveway for you. Perhaps you’ve seen patterned imprinted concrete driveways that you thought were stone or brick. We can give you the textured look you want in easy care concrete for your driveway.

Patterned imprinted concrete can mimic the look of stone pavers at a fraction of the cost. For homes or businesses in Prestwich, concrete driveways can be stamped to almost any pattern and colour you choose. Preparation of the base is the same for all concrete drives and we do it right. The concrete is poured the same for all drives. But when we undertake a patterned drive we add colour to the concrete before it dries and stamp in the pattern. The final step is always the same; sealing the concrete. A concrete driveway should be resealed every three or four years. Patterned concrete will develop a faded look over time but resealing will bring back the colour.

Plain or patterned, you can expect concrete driveways in Prestwich to last about 25 years.  Concrete driveways have always been desirable for their longevity. We have installed scores of them over the years. If you’re planning a new concrete driveway but haven’t decided if you want plain or patterned, contact us or come into our showroom. We have many design samples for you to view. We can give you addresses around Manchester of some of our previous work so you can see how well it holds up against the elements. Imprinted design concrete has become a popular choice. Have a look; maybe it’s just what you want.

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